What we rely on?

Epidemium relies on different resources to achieve it's goal to fight cancer through Big Data analysis

A community

Collaborative Tools

Data sets

"Big problems require big solutions, and for complex diseases such as cancer (...), the big solution is Big Data" Li et al. Translational Medicine 2008.

Images and clinical dataset

The data come from the “KORL” cohort of 127 patients, available by the cytopathology department of the Georges Pompidou Hospital (AP-HP, shared platform with Inserm U970). The dataset is composed of image from histological section of biopsy or surgical specimen of HPV-induced ENT tumor associated with clinical data. All data are anonymised by the society Octopize with the Avatar technology.

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Epidemiology data

Archive datasets from previous seasons (some broken links and more to come)

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A community

The community that Epidemium created is what makes its true strength. It is a community that is active and keeps growing, built on a community of competent individuals, experts, partners and institutions, driven by their willingness to fight cancer and conscious of the skills and knowledge they can bring.

International community

Supporting community

Skilled and diverse community